The beginning of the love affair with Vintage & Antiques!

I always loved decorating and and had a love with fashion too. It wasn't until we remodeled our little beach cottage that I fell in love with anything Shabby, Cottage, Vintage and Antique. Who knew?  When I started to feel more at home in Antique stores I knew I was in trouble. Or my husband was? I would frequent these stores, then markets, and then Etsy!! Yikes. 

It gave me a spirit and cultivated my passion that I never knew I had. It brought out my creative side and my wallet! See I had been serving people for so long in ministry and community work- even started our own non-profit, so this was a delight and a diversion.

Since then we have added to our collection and wish there was more space. Some day! After scouring designs for our bathroom remodel, I fell in love with mother of pearl tile, and we decided to put it on our walls. We had been considering vanity styles and instead of making one from scratch with new wood (since my husband made our kitchen cabinets) we went with a vintage vanity that we re-purposed with a copper vessel. And so there it began....... My husband and I starting thinking  about a mother of pearl tile biz and importing it, when he said what if we create more bathroom vanities like ours? Hmmm..from there the ideas kept coming to include different tiles, mother of pearl inlay and more. 

My husband being skilled in carpentry and good workmanship - creative too, was a nice fit with my instincts for combining materials and design. I even paint too. The ideas keep coming and the possibilities are unlimited.

Our name, logo, cards and postcards were designed this year and we really wanted something beautiful that represented our pieces. We think our pieces are  gorgeous and make homes dreamy and hope you do too! We can't wait until we can create all the time to advance our inventory and share them with you.

It is really encouraging to be part of things that our on our heart. We try to do this with all our pursuits as we step out in faith. We look to God for our future in all our endeavors!